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Thanx for story. Nate seems like a nice, wholesome young boy - you know, protecting the innocent and providing for those in need. I'm all puttty. Thanx again.

Fans of country music, and the recent insurgent-country phenomenon in particular, save their most effusive praise and homage for old-school '40s and '50s stalwarts like Hank Williams Sr., Patsy Cline, and the Louvin Brothers. But there were other vital eras of country music, not the least of which is the lyrical, tear-jerking Glen Campbell era of 1976 or so. This is the country music of Scud Mountain Boys' first two albums: The formerly vinyl-only Pine Box and its follow-up Dance The Night Away comprise this quietly stunning two-CD set. The honesty and faith the band brings to its cover of Campbell's "Wichita Lineman" shows it off as the brilliant, lovely piece of songwriting it is. But perhaps that's an easy one: This band also covers "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves," Cher's misbegotten honky-tonker, with the same energy. And the members of Scud Mountain Boys make it work. More important, and just as impressive, is the intensity and desperation they put into and wring out of their own songs: "Silo" and "Freight of Fire" are as desolately beautiful as anything Campbell or any of his contemporaries ever wrote. The band has been compared to The Eagles and Cowboy Junkies, but it is, in a word, better. Buy this collection, and Scud Mountain Boys' equally excellent newer album Massachusetts , and see why.

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AUG 17
1. Gordon Jenkins “Crescent City Blues”
2. St. Lenox “Thurgood Marshall”
3. The Smith Street Band “Birthdays”
4. Big Thief “Interstate”
5. Calexico “Sonic Wind”
6. Family of the Year “Give A Little”
7. Sundowner “One Hundred Resolutions”
8. Mandolin Orange “Morphine Girl”
9. Bauhaus “Telegram Sam”
10. Bon Iver “45″

Buzz also goes through an evolution throughout the series, for example in Toy Story when he was opened by Andy on his birthday, he was incredibly deluded and actually believed that he himself was the real Buzz Lightyear and not the toy which the character was modeled off. Because of this, Buzz also believed he could do everything that the real character was able to do such as fly and that his "laser" was a deadly weapon when it was actually just a light bulb. Although most of the toys took an absolute shine to him, Woody who felt like he was being replaced as Andy's favorite toy was completely irritated by him. In Toy Story 2 while being attacked by another Buzz Lightyear action figure, Buzz even remarked: "tell me I wasn't this deluded."

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Scud Mountain Boys - The Early YearScud Mountain Boys - The Early YearScud Mountain Boys - The Early YearScud Mountain Boys - The Early Year