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Forward Motion was opened in response to consumer demand for a single source shop to provide vehicle performance modifications for the new generation of Dodge enthusiast.

1590s, "to help push forward," from forward (adv.). Meaning "to send (a letter, etc.) on to another destination" is from 1757. Related: Forwarded ; forwarding .

The station broadcasts from an unspecified location in Bone County . Inbetween songs, Maybell often provides various insights into her family life, often mentioning her nine children and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of her six husbands, and occasionally plays a harmonica "down south".

. wrote in....Could you please give me any information on a marx windup toy called the roaring gorilla.  He appears made of tin with fur in spots.  His arm are chained and when you wind him up, he beats his chest, his mouth moves and he walks.  I found him while cleaning out a friends house.  It is still in the box and in good condition but the box is a little beat.  Thank you for any help you can give us.  

Dore Quality - The dore produced has silver with minor amounts of gold, copper and zinc. The quality falls within the assay range accepted by the refineries.

The Food Tower concept takes a major step forward in large scale urban farming by using aquaponics—that is, where vegetables are grown on towers using the water and nutrients from a system of tanks in which Red Tilapia fish are reared. The vegetable towers are located on “wings” on higher floors that spiral upwards to maximise sunlight exposure; the fish farms are located at the lower floors where there is more shade.

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