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Why contact me? I alone spent $2, 598US on psytrance in the year 2001. Hmm, seems to me that people are pretty quick to judge with out thinking no?? Also, I never pirated music, I may copy music and give it to friends, but I have never once excepted a cash offering for the cd's. If you wish to talk about the $20 us that pissed sent me, it was for postage and handling only. I don't personally see anything wrong with givein music I have purcahsed to others if they are having a lotof finacial or other problems that do not allow them to access their musci. Music is supposed to be for everyone, not just for the slect few whoahhpen to have the cash to afford it. I know psytrance is small community and yaddahyaddah as said above, hence why I with my good cash flow afforded a large number of music, giving the money to the community. I have no guilt about what I do, as I do not make a profit from others efforts, I merely spread the music around. I never advocate or support maing copies for money, and I never copy covers or cd layouts, I give a blacnk cd with the tracks written in pen always or printed, but nothing like the orignal.

Trancefeld - Pure FictionTrancefeld - Pure FictionTrancefeld - Pure FictionTrancefeld - Pure Fiction